Elder Law and elder care advocacy are areas of practice that provide Elder Law attorneys with the opportunity to “do well by doing good.” Elder Law includes areas such as Medicare, Medicaid, asset protection planning, advice regarding long term care policies, Veterans Pension Planning and end of life decision making.

The good news is that modern medicine and healthier lifestyles make it possible for us to live longer than expected.  The bad news is that while we may live longer, we may not live longer with a high quality of life.  Physical longevity can be accompanied by a host of challenges such as:
  • outliving our life savings;
  • preserving our assets in the event of catastrophic long term illness;
  • maintaining control over our assets as we age;
  • deciding whether to purchase long term care insurance; and
  • qualifying for the Veteran Administration’s Pension or for Medicaid while complying with the changing rules of each.
As our society ages, the need for health care services is growing exponentially.  More and more, our clients are in need of reliable information and effective advocacy in order to obtain the care and services they deserve.  You do not have to face these challenges alone.
We educate our clients and their families on the guidelines for Medicaid and VA and recognize their role in advocating for quality of care.  Clients know to call us for professional assistance when personal advocacy fails.  Our Elder Law practice allows us to provide a real-time benefit to enhance the quality of life and quality of care for our clients.
Whether disabled or elderly, often the expenses of care can be catastrophic.  We can teach you and your family the choices you have.  The best choice is often to remain at home with loved ones.  There are options which can help with this goal.  However, while not everyone can finance their own in-home care, the government offers assistance in certain situations.  As with all government benefits, you will have hoops through which you must jump.  We can help you understand your options as well as help you through those hoops.
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