We realize there are hundreds of attorneys in the Louisville area from which to choose to handle your estate planning, elder law  and estate settlement issues.  Why pick Goodin & Associates? 

We are unique in many ways.  Just to name a few….
~Robert L. Goodin, Jr., or "Bob" as he likes to be called, believes each client has a vision of what they want to accomplish.  Using a team of trusted advisors, Bob analyzes each decision made and projects the impact that decision will have in the future. It is important to Bob that clients understand the purpose of each document they execute. Just as each client is unique, each document package is customized to fit the individual needs of that client.  While the plan created may seem "perfect" now, Bob emphasizes that life changes and so should your plan.  To encourage clients to review their plans on a regular basis, Bob keeps in touch with his clients by sending them anniversary letters that remind them to do so.

~Our phones are answered by staff members who have a true willingness to help and address your concerns in a timely and efficient manner.  If Bob is not available to take a call from a client or an advisor, a staff member may be able to help.  If our staff cannot resolve your issues, a phone conference will be set with Bob so that you will have closure and your needs will be met.  There are no unreturned phone calls in this office.
~From the moment you walk through our door, you will see and feel a difference.  You will be greeted by not only one staff member, but usually two or more.  It is our goal to make you feel comfortable and at home.  We value your time and take pride in beginning appointments on time so that we can give you the undivided attention you deserve.
~During your initial meeting, we encourage you to bring your financial advisor.  Bob will first ask about your concerns and what prompted your visit. He will answer your questions and provide a brief education in the area of our law practice that addresses your need.  He will advise you and your advisor on the best course of action, describe the process associated and quote a fee for the work to be done.   Bob makes sure you understand your plan of action and makes every effort to include your financial advisor throughout the entire process.  
~If you come to us seeking estate planning advice, you and Bob will design your plan and come up with a “blueprint,” a visual image, to aid in your understanding.  Many times documents can be ready in 7-10 business days for your review and execution. 
~If you choose a Revocable Living Trust, funding is a necessary step in making sure your Trust works the way it is intended. We make sure you understand this critical step by educating you during a “Funding Workshop.”  Your financial advisor will play a key role in this step.  If you do not have a financial advisor and desire assistance, we have trusted advisors we can refer.
~Things do not stop here.  Next, we schedule a Family Meeting at no charge.  This meeting is for the family members, helpers and trusted advisors involved in your estate plan. During this meeting, you and Bob explain their role in your plan before they are expected to step into action.  
~We are located in the Middletown area with no downtown traffic to fight!  Parking is right outside our door, free and handicapped accessible.

These are just a few differences that distinguish our law firm from the rest. The staff of Goodin & Associates is dedicated to providing each client with top quality, thorough and efficient planning.

We invite you to give us a call. Let us help you
“Plan Today For Your Family’s Tomorrow.”

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