The staff of Goodin & Associates takes pride in building long lasting relationships with our clients, their families, and trusted advisors.  We work diligently to make sure client goals are met and they are satisfied with our service.

Don't take our word for it!
Read what our clients and advisors have to say about our services.

First Impressions

“They were interested in us as if we were members of their family.  We were very comfortable in
disclosing our  personal as well as financial information to them.”

~ J.C. & Darlene Juett

Goodin & Associates is “a very service oriented firm with a very down to earth approach. 
Everything is fully explained and is easy to comprehend and understand.  They are very honest and forthcoming.”

~ James Szeszulski
Financial Advisor, Money Concepts


“The office and staff are welcoming and very friendly. 
You feel comfortable as soon as you walk through the door.”

~ Chase & Judy Donaldson

Lasting Impressions
“My brother-in-law, an attorney, referred me to Bob, and I feel very lucky that I was able to
connect with such a knowledgeable and caring attorney. 
Our family’s legal and financial situation is all the better for having worked with Goodin & Associates.”
~ Melissa Uhl Draut

“Bob is so knowledgeable and professional, as well as being a very caring person.  His ability to combine all those traits makes him easy to work with.  We trust him completely and we are confident in his guidance and recommendations. 
Also, he is always punctual and fully prepared.” 

~ Chase & Judy Donaldson

“During two difficult times in my life - the death of my mother and the death of my husband -  I knew I could trust Mr. Goodin to help me do the right things in settling their estates and planning for the future.”
~ Paulette F. Adams, R.N., Ed.D

“We got what we needed – a comprehensive and personalized estate plan that continues to evolve as our needs change.”
~ Dick & Ann Swope


“Bob and his staff rise above the usual level of professionalism.  The client always feels fully informed and that documents created are ‘living documents’ that will perform their task when the time comes to implement their plan.”
~ Robert H. Quaife, CLU, ChFC, MSFS
Financial Advisor, New York Life


Goodin & Associates provides “professional service with hands on assistance and appropriate
follow-up as their clients’ personal situations change.”

~ John Schmidt, CPA

“The firm is small enough to render personalized service but large enough to be on top of
estate planning parameters – very professional!”

~ Dick & Ann Swope

Client and Professional Relationships

“They are very detailed in the way they help you make plans for the rest of your life.  Then they stay in contact with you personally, keeping abreast of any changes in your occupation, your family, as well as your finances.”
~ J.C. & Darlene Juett

“Bob took the time with my father, brother, sister, and me to clearly explain our options. 
We were facing difficult decisions during a stressful time when we needed to provide care for my mother. 
Bob was patient, clear, and kind in explaining the legal and financial options we had before us.  I would consider Bob one of our most trusted advisors during this time period.  He established trust by taking the time to
educate us so that we felt informed and confident in the decisions we had to make.”

~ Melissa Uhl Draut

“Bob and his staff develop a personal relationship with the client and maintain it over time.  Bob’s firm follows up and ensures that the legal mechanisms are completed so that the plan is   ‘in force’.”
~ Robert H. Quaife, CLU, ChFC, MSFS
Financial Advisor, New York Life


** Client and advisor names were used with their express written consent.**


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