The law firm of Goodin & Associates is committed to helping you maneuver life's challenges from the "early" years through and beyond the "golden years."  We use our experience to turn your vision into results.  We are dedicated to creating a plan today that will take care of your family's tomorrow.

It all begins with an estate plan which is simply a set of instructions that allows you to decide how to best protect your "wealth."


Wealth includes your family, your hard earned assets and your possessions.  Everyone is wealthy!  Wealth is not based on net worth. It is based on what you value in your life.
Estate plans protect your wealth by:
  • naming guardians and inheritance managers for minor children;
  • providing for family members with special needs without disrupting government benefits;
  • providing for loved ones who might be irresponsible or have no experience with money;
  • providing for the transfer of your business at your retirement, disability or death;
  • protecting against the many risks that threaten your assets such as divorce and lawsuits; and
  • minimizing estate and inheritance taxes, court costs and legal fees.
In addition, your estate plan can leave your specific instructions:
  • as to how you and your loved ones are cared for if you become disabled. This includes designating who is in control, who will manage your property and what support or gifts can be made during your disability.
  • passing on your values (such as religion, education, hard work) in addition to your valuables.

A carefully designed and maintained estate plan, prepared by an attorney who concentrates in estate planning, will carry you through the many "challenges" life presents.

Your choice to plan ahead, or not, will impact the "wealth" you leave behind.



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